Download from files

An extremely simple and fast way to make files available for download! All you have to do is select that folder with a shortcode, the content of which can be downloaded.

You must upload the documents to be downloaded to the server’s file system – which is provided by the plugin, but is also possible via FTP – then here folders or a file can be marked for download. You can even specify whether subfolders appear on the page in addition to the files in the selected folder.

Main functions:

  • No database management!
    The plugin does not manage a database other than its settings. Read the file tags from the descript.ion file in the folder (some programs, such as TotalCommander automatically copy the comment with the file as well), while the order is filesort.txt file.
  • Settings
    Plugin settings can be set globally, but each can be overridden individually.
  • Order
    You can also set the order of folders and files.
  • Tags
    The plugin supports naming documents (via a descript.ion file) and displays the naming.
  • Show features
    Display document type and size (Not displayed by default, but you can also display the date and time of the document with a custom template.)
  • Accepted formats
    You can specify globally and occasionally which document formats may appear on the page.
  • Hide direct link
    Hide the link to the document from the user in a switchable way. (Of course, don’t think about some big encryption here!)
  • Template support
    The plugin has four display templates that can be overridden in the (child) theme. You can also create and use custom templates.
  • Easy to use
    You don’t have to log in to the WordPress admin interface either. You upload the document to the appropriate folder e.g. Via FTP and the user can download. You can also delete the file and it will no longer be available for download.
  • Auto-update
    The plugin works with the Very simple file upload plugin. Uploading a file will automatically update the list of downloadable files.