Diabetes diary

With this plugin, the logged-in user can record your own blood glucose and body weight values and then display graphs. The user can specify its own data that are required for treatment and doctor. Such as eg. Your insurance number, height, picked medicines.
From the daily weight and height value, the plugin calculates and displays the BMI index value.

From the data you can make a printable log that can then also give your doctor.

The plugin can be used by the logged-in user and access only to its own data.

To use the plugin, insert the [diabetes-diary[ shortcode!

Main functions

  • Recording body weight
    Recording daily body weight
  • Recording blood sugar
    Blood glucose values measured in the morning on an empty stomach and two hours after lunch can be recorded each day.
  • Diary print image
    The plugin displays the entered data on graphs, from which it creates a printable image that can be printed.

Frequently asked Questions