Kakukk Gallery from File system

Gallery from files
This gallery plugin is different from the usual. For storing images and their traits, it reads the file system’s content instead of using a database. The galleries and the image displays are not “burned in” – you can set a custom display for your theme through samples.

Kakukk Download from files

Download from files
This plugin is used to insert downloadable documents into content using shortcode. It is a very simple plugin and perhaps it is this simplicity that can make up for it.

Kakukk Big Brother

Big Brother
This Big Brother plugin helps maintain your WordPress system. Since these are not one but two plugins that work together, this maintenance can be done in the form of remote monitoring, in a master-slave relationship. The plugin is recommended primarily for those who manage multiple WordPress ...

Kakukk Statistics report

Widget in admin dashboard
This plugin collects background statistics about the pages you visit. This information is automatically sent in a daily email report and displayed in the administration interface of the page. It is possible to query a period and group the data daily, hourly, by country, category and content. Shows ...

Kakukk Shift schedule

Shift schedule
The plugin was basically designed to create a shift schedule for nurses, but can be used anywhere where employees work multiple shifts. The plugin can be configured for holidays, holiday holidays reorganizations, and also handles employee vacations.

Kakukk Date in WooCommerce checkout page

Date in WooCommerce checkout page
This plugin allows the customer to select a date on the WooCommerce checkout page. This date is associated with the order and can also be displayed in the order list and/or in the order parameters.

Kakukk Ship description

Ship descriptions
Add descriptions for WooCommerce ships methods. The plugin allows you to add custom text to WooCommerce shipping methods. These texts appear on the checkout page. If no text is specified, nothing is displayed.

Kakukk Allergens list

Allergens list
The plugin is used to display allergens related to WooCommerce products, but you can use it to display any feature.