Ship description

Add descriptions for WooCommerce ships methods.

The plugin allows you to add custom text to WooCommerce shipping methods. These texts appear on the checkout page. If no text is specified, nothing is displayed.

Useful function if e.g. you want to display an address or opening time here. The description you provide will also appear in the notification emails.

Do you want to display it differently?

No problem! Modify the functions.php of your theme as follows:

// Delete default display
remove_filter('ship_description_959_render_description', 'ship_description_959_render_description_html', 10);
function my_render_description($title) {
     // See: plugins/ship-description/ship-description.php
     [... custom code ...]
     return $title;
add_filter('ship_description_959_render_description', 'my_render_description', 11, 1);