Silent warning

This plugin is especially important for pages where – to put it lightly – admin control is not continuous.

The plugin monitors the following as an hourly cron task:

  • /index.php file size
  • /wp-config.php file size
  • /.htaccess file size
  • Free space on the server
  • Required update(s)
  • Increasing number of administrators
  • Database size
  • Deletes olvasdel.html, readme.html, licens.txt, license.txt from the WordPress root directory files – if they exist.
    (Their existence does not generate email notification.)

When plugged in, the plugin will note the size of the two important files and the count of administrators and will look at it later. Values can be rewritten in the administration interface if needed. (e.g. after an update or after changing settings.)

If the plugin detects that administrative intervention is required, it will send a notification email to the site administrators.

An event will only be notified once, but if another event occurs, all events requiring intervention will be included in the notification email. If the event that triggered the notification is resolved (e.g. updates have been made), the plugin will “notice” it and send a notification again when it occurs again.

In the case of updates, it handles not only the fact of necessity but also the number of items to be upgraded. That is, if, for example, notifying you that a plugin is up-to-date will not be updated, but if, for example, another plugin or theme can be updated, then yes.