This is a very, but really very simple „Frequently asked Questions” WordPress plugin.

Ideal solution if frequent questions on the site are needed to display (FAQ), but you simply want to solve this. This plugin uses CPT (Custom Post Type) where the entry title is the question, while the content is the answer. Therefore, maintenance groups and issues are maintained as usual when editing the content.

Organize the questions into categories and then use shortcode to display a selected category (and optionally subcategories), you can display all the questions . Since the plugin uses CPT for implementation, you can display entries as a traditional content.

Each question and answer answer are also available through a unique link – so you can share a question and answer to it.

The plugin supports the use of internal counters that can be traced to track how many of the answers to a question have looked at how many who have been copied and how many who are directly referred to as a link to the link arrived on your side.

Key features

  • Simplicity
    This plugin is really very easy to use.
  • Groupable issues
    Questions can be organized in categories and shortcode categories are displayed.
  • Link to question
    Each question also includes link (optional), which you can easily copy to the clipboard and share it.
  • Compatible with all subjects
    You do not use a unique style for display. Appears the same as any of your own entries. (For categories H4, while you use H5 HTML batteries.)
  • Minimum animation
    To display the answers, it only uses a very minimal animation, but the existence of JQuery is also enough. (This is default available in WordPress.) No other needed.
  • Support Google FAQ
    The display template supports Google FAQ features.
  • Customizable display
    If you want, you can make the appearance completely unique, but in this case, you will need HTML and CSS knowledge. (Customize in WordPress, in the usual way in handling (child) theme.)