Downloadable add-ons for WordPress pages. On this page, I have summarized my work, which is from the WordPress plugin collection or can be purchased.

Available plugins

  • Statistics report - WordPress plugin
    Statistics report
    In the background, it collects statistics and then sends the data automatically in a daily email report.
    Detailed presentation | Buying

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Allergens list
Allergens list (v1.26)
Show allergenic elements (or other) related to WooCommerce products.

Book an appointment
Book an appointment (v1.46)
This plugin allows you to book dates or days for one or more locations on the site.

Download from file system
Download from file system (v1.53)
Using shortcode, insert downloadable documents from the file system.

Simple file upload
Simple file upload (v1.10)
This is a very simple plugin that allows you to upload files from a user page to the server.

Gallery from file system
Gallery from file system (v1.63)
It does not use a database to store and characterize the images, but reads the contents of the file system.

Email SMTP
Email SMTP (v1.01)
The plugin sets the sending of WordPress email so that it takes place via SMTP.

Request a date
Request a date (v1.10)
This plugin allows you to select a date on the WooCommerce checkout page.

Ship description
Ship description (v1.12)
Note for WooCommerce shipping methods. Appears on checkout page and in email.

My FAQ (v1.04)
This is a very, but really very simple “Frequently asked Questions” plugin.

Diabetes diary
Diabetes diary (v1.04)
The user can record blood glucose and body weight values and then display graphs.

Allergens list
Allergens list (v1.25)
Show allergenic elements (or other) related to WooCommerce products.

Shift schedule
Shift schedule (v1.39)
The plugin can be used anywhere where workers work multiple shifts.

Form to PDF
Form to PDF (v2.47)
Create forms and then generate PDFs from them. Content can be downloaded in Excel.

Silent warning
Silent warning (v1.26)
This plugin is especially important for pages where admin management is “non-continuous”.

These plugins have been published in the WordPress collection. (Underwriting.)