Simple price list

Display price lists for WooCommerce products via shortcode.

This plugin makes it very easy to display the price list of WooCommerce products anywhere on the website. Use the [simple-price-list] code, or generate custom code on the plugin configuration page.

Key Features

  • Show price list
    Displays the price list according to the settings. All filters and formatting used on the page (such as price display) work.
  • Grouped appearance
    If configured this way, the products will be grouped.
  • Exclude categories
    You can mark one or more categories (such as gifts) that do not appear in the product list.
  • Show a category
    You can use shortcode to display only products in one product category.
  • Hide out of stock
    You can switch to „sold out” products or display custom text.
  • Switchable image display
    You can set whether products display a product image.
  • Overwrite display
    The plugin uses its own template for display, which can be overwritten. Copy the contents of the templates folder in the plugin folder to the simple-price-list folder created in the (child) theme, then edit as you like!