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Big Brother

Big Brother
This Big Brother plugin helps maintain your WordPress system. Since these are not one but two plugins that work together, this maintenance can be done in the form of remote monitoring, in a master-slave relationship. The plugin is recommended primarily for those who manage multiple WordPress ...


The Big Brother plugin is designed to make it easy to see important parameters of several hosted pages in client/server mode, on a website, in its administration interface, in a widget. The client plugin (big-brother) can work on its own and can still be a useful helper.
The installation is …

Event log

When using the plugin, you can record a log entry related to the remote page by clicking the button or the icon on the server side. The entry itself is plain text, to which the plugin automatically associates a timestamp.
The resulting log is available in the (Big Brother Master) setting of the …


Plugins also allow you to display widgets related to their operation in the admin interface. If the widget does not appear automatically after installation, in the upper right corner, the „What to see” tab is open to display it.
Big Brother Master widget

An overview of the pages associated …

Frequently asked Questions

The plugin indicates that I have a task to do, but did not send an alert. Why?

This plugin assumes that you visit the page used as a server regularly, indicating if intervention is needed. For this reason, you will not be notified in any form.
If you need to be …