Plugin setup

The plugin configuration page allows you to specify default settings. All of these can be overridden in the shortcode when invited.

The settings page is available by logging in to the WordPress administration page, where you can access the „Settings / Price List Settings” menu on the left.

Plugin configuration

The following settings are available:

Setup Code Description
Display image image=<0|1> On (for a value of „1”), an image related to the product will appear in the price list, if available and set to display in the template.
Default: On
Grouping group=<0|1> On (for a value of „1”), products will be grouped. The order of the groups is determined by the WordPress settings. Within the group – or in the complete list – the products are sorted by name.
Default: On
Excluded categories exclude="" A comma-separated list of category IDs that products cannot be displayed. Categories can be easily selected in the plugin configuration interface.
Default: no such category
Hide out of stock hide_out=<0|1> On (for a value of „1”), products that are not in stock will not appear in the product list. If a product has multiple variations and none of them are available, the product itself will (without variations) appear.
Default: Off
„Out of stock” text out_of_stock_text="" If the product is out of stock but appears in the price list based on your settings, this text will appear instead of the price. (According to the default template.)
Default: „Coming soon …”