How to use

Create and modify questions

Everything is exactly as in general for an entry. All I have is not the Posts” but  My FAQ” under the menu item you can find the usual items.

Create and modify categories

as the former. Within this, „Question categories” can find the usual interface.

Paste content

You can display questions as simple content and the question categories like any other category.

You can also insert frequent questions via Shortcode, which always means displaying (and subcategories) of a question category.

Use [my-faq] shortcode for each question and category.

You can insert a category questions below: [my-faq category="<slug>"]
Where slug is the search engine friendly name of the category.

You can easily copy the right shortcode if you select the desired category at the top of the plugin page and then press button. Shortcode will copy the plugin to the clipboard.

Insert shortcode

Also with one click to copy the code to the clipboard on the Question Category page, if you click the mouse to the Shortcode that appears in the table. SHORTCODE will copy the plugin to the clipboard.

Insert shortcode