The operation of the plugin on an administrative interface, „Extensions” „Installed Extensions”, „Frequently Questions” by clicking on the „Settings” link or clicking the „Settings” menu „FAQ Settings”.

The page that appears is displayed on the top of the page that allows you to copy the Shortcode to the clipboard for the clipboard by clicking.

Under this, the settings are as follows:

Setup Description
Show subcategories You can turn it to the subcategories of the category to be displayed. If there are other subcategories, they will also appear in the position.
Hide empty categories On when there is no question in a category, the category does not appear.
Display location You can set the categories (if appear) before or after the questions.
Icon group Is the class you want to use for each icon. (eg „dashicons” or „wood”.) If you do not need this, simply let it empty!
Icon classes To „unlock” the answer, there is an animation that replaces the icon before the question (and category). Here you can set which one of the two classes to be replaced.
Category icon The icon set here appears before the categories name. If you do not need this, simply let it empty!
Query icon The icon set here appears before the questions. If you do not need this, simply let it empty!
Exclude search On the onset, frequent issues are not displayed in the search.
Use counter When enabled, the plugin captures how many people have looked at an answer, how many people copied a link to the question and how many people come through this direct link.
Show Link You can turn it on if the direct link to the reply appears on the cutting icon.
(only affects frequent questions via Shortcode. If normal content, no.)
Processing mode In the responses – Because CPT Entries – You can place other shortcodes that are processed by the plugin during display. However, not all plugins support all standard mode of display. If a plugin you use is not displayed within the frequent questions within a block, try this setting to the other position.
(Yes, it sounds butane, but who do you know what plugin you are using and how it works?)
Use in menu Turn on this option if you want to assign a question or to a category category. (when the menu is turned off, this option does not appear.)
Use category template A question categories – if not via shortcode on – displays via the WordPress theme taxonomy.php n. This is not available everywhere. If you want to display WordPress as a simple category, you can turn this switch in!