Setting up a reservation

The plugin records booking locations as a Custom Post Type. They are edited accordingly through the usual interface.

Text setting of reservation place
In the text, the <!-- more --> flag allows you to separate the text. The section above (may) will also be included in email notifications. In the absence of text, the first 30 characters of the text are used.

Depending on whether the place can be booked all day or within the day, the range of parameters that can be set varies.

For daily bookings

Settings for daily bookings

Possible days
On the days of the week, reservations are allowed. You can book these days.

Bookings are available on holidays
It allows possible bookings on public holidays. The days specified in the plugin’s settings will be considered public holidays.

Booking type
Here you can set whether a daily or date reservation is possible. The range of data that can be entered changes dynamically depending on the setting.

Disabled days
A comma-separated list of days that cannot be booked in any way. (Regardless of whether the day type is based on your settings.) The day must be in the year-month-day format, e.g., 27/11/2020.

Enabled days
Regardless of the type of days allowed, the booking is possible for the days listed here. The day must be in the year-month-day format, e.g., 27/11/2020.

Delay (hours)
It is possible to make a reservation for days or times later than the current day, at the earliest compared to the current day. (If zero, it is possible for the current day if there is a free time.)

The latest reservation
The latest booking may be so days later than the momentary day. (If its value is zero or is empty, there is no limit.)

A comma-separated list of e-mail addresses to which notifications are sent to the administrator. (Independent of the email address of the registered administrators of the portal. Only those listed here will be notified.)

Manager groups
If the logged-in user belongs to this group, a booking overview page will appear on the booking page, where they can cancel or confirm the bookings.

Like a group of managers, but for a selected user.

Booking on time

As with the days, in addition:

Settings when booking on time

Time unit (minutes)
Creates a bookable time every minute from „Start” to „End”. If the end date is still allowed, it will include the possible date if it is beyond the end date.

Reserved dates
A comma-separated list of times in HH: MM, eg 12:00 format, for which no date can be reserved.
(If you set a date that would not otherwise be bookable, it will be ignored.)

In the block on the right: Even and odd weeks
It handles start and end times differently for even and odd weeks. If they are otherwise the same in reality, they must be entered equally in both blocks. Dates must be set in HH: MM, eg 12:00.