Usable data types

The following data types can be used:

Sample form

[include:] This is Bootstrap 4 sample template

Data protection

This form is provided as a sample only! Do not enter real data!
[INPUT type="hidden" id="hidden" value="Hidden value"]
[INPUT type="text" id="text" value="This is test"]
[INPUT type="password" id="passwd" value="This is test"]
Accepted: [0-9] and decimal separator.
[INPUT type="number" id="number" dec="," sep=" " value="123456,7890"]
[INPUT type="date" id="date2" format="Y. F d., l" value="2020-01-01"]
"date" ID already reserved!
[INPUT type="time" id="time2" value="12:00"]
"time" ID already reserved!
[INPUT type="email" id="email" value=""]
Accepted characters: [0-9] + - / ( )
[INPUT type="phone" id="phone" value="(+36-30) 123-4567 / 548"]
[INPUT type="url" id="url2" value=""]
"url" ID already reserved!
[INPUT type="mask" id="mask" mask="999-aaa-www?-***" value="123-abc-a2c"]
Accepted characters:
  • 9 : Numbers only
  • a : Only the English alphabet letters
  • w : Only English alphabet letters and numbers
  • h : Hexadecimal characters
  • * : Any character
  • ? : Optional - The following characters are optional
[INPUT type="textarea" id="textarea" value="Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."]
[INPUT type="list" id="list" values="0:No|1:Yes|2:Maybe..." value="1"]
[INPUT type="radio" id="radio" values="0:No|1:Yes|2:Maybe..." value="2"]
[INPUT type="checkbox" id="checkbox" value="one" label="This is checkbox" checked]
[INPUT type="switch" id="sw2" text="Yes|No" label="This is simple switch"]
GDPR sample:
[INPUT type="checkbox" id="gdpr" required label="I agree that this information will be used by the site for testing purposes."]
Data processing is in progress