• How do I set a field input value through Shortcode?

    So call the form: [form-to-pdf form="my_form" my_data="my_value"]

    In the form definition file – my_form.html – so referring to it:
    [INPUT type="hidden" id="my_data" value="shortcode"]

    When processing the form, the [MY_DATA] field will receive my_value.

  • On the basis of the selected item I would send the email notification to another recipient. Possible?

    Yes possible. Two steps needed to add:

    Create a selection agent on the form! (eg the list can be good for this.) In the list of values, set the email address where you want to send the email in the event of the selection.
    [INPUT type="list" id="to_email_address" values="sample_1@gmail.com:Sample1|sample_2@gmail.com:Sample2"]

    In the Email descriptor file, place the line below in the header:

    <meta name="sendto" content="[TO_EMAIL_ADDRESS]" />

    You are ready. All I had to do was. (Remember! To operate, you must turn on the email notification!)

  • Can I use PHP code in the form?

    You can not run PHP code in the form.

  • Can I use JavaScript code in the form?

    Yes, you can run JavaScript code in the form.

  • Can I turn off the robot filter?

    No, it can not be switched off, just select the built-in filter and Google reCAPTCHA V2.

  • Is the generated PDF not to appear in a new window?

    No, it is not possible.

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