Plugin options

On the page of the plugin setup, the function’s default values can be given. A part of these can be overwritten during the attachment to the form.

The form’s folders The folder where the form(s) definition files can be found to the main library of WordPress.
Form template The sample used for generating the form.
Built in: Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, and HTML5.
More, custom styles can be used, which can be created in the folder of the site theme’s folder, the form-to-pdf/templates folder, the plugin searches for different folders there. If there is one (or more), you can choose which one to use.
Overwritable during the attachment to the content:
[form-to-pdf form="<form_name>" template="<template_folder_name>"]
Appearance to a group You can set the form to appear only to the specified user group:
everyone | guest | registered | administrator

Can be overwritten when pasting into content: [form-to-pdf access="everyone"]

Icon set The built in styles use the Awesome fontset for the display. If this was not attached – they do not appear correctly – then mark the option, or use a custom style!
Save data Save the form data to a database that can be downloaded from the admin interface in Excel.
Overwriteable during attachment: [form-to-pdf form="<form_name>" save_data="<0|1>"]
Save PDF Save a PDF to the server in the /wp-content/uploads/form-to-pdf folder.
Overwriteable during attachment: [form-to-pdf form="<form_name>" save_pdf="<0|1>"]
PDF Display The display of the generated PDF document to the user. If not marked, the PDF document will not be generated.
Overwriteable during attachment: [form-to-pdf form="<form_name>" show_pdf="<0|1>"]
Notification for Administrators Sends a notification email to the administrators. If not marked, it will not send an email.
Overwriteable during attachment: [form-to-pdf form="<form_name>" send_admin="<0|1>"]