Data fields parameters

The data fields can be parametered as shown below:

Sample form

[include: plugins/form-to-pdf/admin/docs/sample-parameters-en.html] This is Bootstrap 4 sample template

Data protection

This form is provided as a sample only! Do not enter real data!


[INPUT type="text" id="sample1"]
[INPUT type="text" id="sample2" icon=""]
[INPUT type="text" id="sample3" icon="fa fa-copyright"]


[INPUT type="text" id="sample4" required]
This is required field!
[INPUT type="text" id="sample5" required invalid="This is required field!"]
The message will appear when the user completes the process.


[INPUT type="text" id="sample6" value=""]
Definitely an empty field.
[INPUT type="text" id="sample7" value="Set the value"]
[INPUT type="text" id="sample7a" value="shortcode"]
[INPUT type="text" id="sample8"]
value = $_REQUEST['sample8']
[INPUT type="text" id="sample9" value="COOKIE"]
value = $_COOKIE['sample9']
In this case, the value is saved when you submit the form.


[INPUT type="text" id="sample5a" readonly]
[INPUT type="text" id="sample10" placeholder="Placeholder text"]
Input description
[INPUT type="text" id="sample11" description="Input description"]
[INPUT type="text" id="sample12" class="my_class"]
[INPUT type="text" id="sample13" style="background-color: #C6C6FF; border: 2px dotted red;"]
All other key="value" settings.
[INPUT type="text" id="sample13" onclick="my_alert();"]
You can even make a javascript call.
Modifying data through a Javascript function
The HTML template can contain javascript code. An example of its possible use is:
[INPUT type="number" id="num1 onkeyup="calculate();"]
[INPUT type="number" id="num2" onkeyup="calculate();"]
[INPUT type="number" id="num3" class="text-center" icon="" readonly]

All in one

This is required field!
Input description
[INPUT type="text" id="sample14" value="Set the value" class="my_class" onclick="my_alert();" style="border: 2px dotted red;" description="Input description" placeholder="Placeholder text" required invalid="This is required field!" icon="fa fa-copyright"]

Type specific settings

[INPUT type="number" id="number" dec="." sep=" "]
dec="" : decimal separator (if not, it can only be an integer)
sep="" : thousands of dividers (if it is not, it is not divided)
Accepted: [0-9] and decimal separator.
[INPUT type="date" id="date" format="Y. F d., l"]
format="" : WordPress date format (i18n)
Use this format for processing! The input format is browser specific.
[INPUT type="mask" id="mask" mask="999-aaa-www?-***"]
Accepted characters:
  • 9 : Numbers only
  • a : Only the English alphabet letters
  • w : Only English alphabet letters and numbers
  • h : Hexadecimal characters
  • * : Any character
  • ? : Optional - The following characters are optional
Data processing is in progress