Step by step

Use form and to generate a PDF document as follows:

  1. Install the plugin in the usual way.
  2. In the plugin settings, enter the folder in which you want to keep files containing forms. (This folder must already exist. You must be in this folder for the form.)
  3. Where you want to display the form, insert the appropriate Shortcode in the page. Here you only need to enter the name of the form file.

The folder where the forms must be, anywhere you want to do. Can pl. The /wp-content/forms folder. You need to enter the folder compared to your WordPress main folder in the plugin.

So: If you set up the /wp-content/forms folder in the plugin settings, you want to use the sample.html form, then the shortcode looks like this: [form-to-pdf form="sample.html"]

The template file is on the server: /wp-content/forms/sample.html