Gallery settings

On the administrator interface, you can set the default values for the plugin. Some parameters can be overwritten when called.

Setting Description
Image size The maximum size of images can be set, which the plugin uses while uploading, and resizing. It resizes the image to fit in the given <width>x<height> value. It only resizes the image, it doesn’t cut it.
(Default value: 800×600)
Automatic mode Automatic resizing and watermark.
If you uploaded the image on, for example FTP, then there is no thumbnail. In this casae it doesn’t only generate the thumbnail, but it resizes the image and applies the watermark as well.
(Default value: Yes)
Thumbnail size Sets the image to this <width>x<height>.
It takes the largest piece of the image’s center according to the given ratio, and then makes it smaller to this size.
(Default value: 200×200)
Thumbnail folders In all given folders, it creates a folder for thumbnails automatically. It generates the thumbnails and searches for them here.
(Default value: „_thumbs”)
Number of images The plugin automatically lays the images from the gallery onto pages. An amount of images set here are placed onto one page. If there are more displayable images than the number set here, then a scroll bar will automatically appear under the gallery. While turning a page, it does not reload the site.
(Default value: 24)
Order The order of the gallery’s images.
Possible values: Set order, according to Name, according to Date.
(Default value: Set order)
Load Fancybox Loads it on the administrator site. Allows for the images to open in a new window.
In case of the usage of built-in styles, this is neccessary for it to work correctly.
(Default value: Yes)
Description If there is a description for images, or folders, it sets whether or not it should display the description itself.
(Default value: Yes)
Default template It can be set which available sample is used for displaying.
Folders can be created in the page’s (child) theme, inside the gallery-from-files folder, which then can be chosen in this drop-down list.
(Default value: default)
Watermark image Images can be chosen from the /wp-content/uploads/ folder, or the function can be blocked by the „Not used” option.
If there is an image chosen, then while uploading through the plugin automatically, or the handling of galleries with administrator initiation, the watermark is placed onto the bottom right corner of the image.
(Default value: Not used)
WebP support Generate WebP images. This feature duplicates images because they are also created in webp format.
(Default value: Igen)
Compression JPG and WebP compression rate in 0-100. (0: best quality, 100: smallest size.)
(Default value: 90)