Shift schedule

Shift schedule

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The plugin was basically designed to create a shift schedule for nurses, but can be used anywhere where employees work multiple shifts. The plugin can be configured for holidays, holiday holidays reorganizations, and also handles employee vacations.
You can set any number of …

Setting up subordinates

It is possible to add subordinates in the administrator interface. (Custom Post Type)
Here you can set two parameters in addition to the subordinate’s name:

Free days
The subordinate has so many days off. As holidays are set in the shift schedule, the plugin maintains this number. That is, …

Plugin settings

Basic settings

The first day of the week
It hardly requires a special description. You can set the first day of the week to Monday or Sunday. Only when displaying the month does it play a role in displaying the location of the line indicating the division of the week.
Here you can …

Edit shift

You can edit the schedule in the “Subordinates / Monthly shift schedule” menu item. The following screen appears:

Edit shift

Editing the schedule is very simple. First, select the type of shift you want to use in the …

Insert in the content

The shift schedule can be inserted into the content via shortcode as follows:

Current month
A particular month
[shift-schedule month=”2020-08″]
Next month
[shift-schedule month=”next”]
Latest month
[shift-schedule month=”last”]