Download from files

Download from files

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This plugin is used to insert downloadable documents into content using shortcode. It is a very simple plugin and perhaps it is this simplicity that can make up for it.
You need to upload the documents to be downloaded to the server’s file system – for which the plugin also …

Settings by defaults

It is possible to set the default values of the plugin in the administration interface. Some parameters can be overwritten when called.


Show folders
When enabled, subfolders (and its subfolders) in the selected folder will also display documents and the visitor can …

Paste into content

There are two ways to embed downloadable documents in your content:
On the one hand, by clicking the “Download” button and then selecting the appropriate folder in the dialog box that appears, or via shortcode. Inserting through the dialog will also insert shortcode into the content.
You have …

Template management

The plugin intentionally contains a simple template, which, however, could easily still suit you. However, you have the option to make the look unique. All you have to do is create a downloads-from-files folder in your (child) theme, and then plugin the download-from-files/templates copy the files …