Book an appointment

Kakukk Customize

The booking form is customizable. The form is free to define HTML input elements that can be referenced and/or in email notification templates later on display.
A single <input> element is absolutely necessary for the system to work properly:
<input type=”email” name=”email” …

Kakukk Robot filter

Common plugin settings allow you to specify Google reCAPTCHA v2 API keys. If these keys are provided, Google’s robot filter will be used. By default, and without specifying keys – use the built-in custom filter.
The robot automatically inserts the filter in front of the first submit element of …

Kakukk Filters and hooks

You can find the source of the listed filters in the /book-an-appointment/libs/hooks.php file!
Appearance filters

Display data in calendar

function book_an_appointment_961_booking_render_content_html($data) {
$data = unserialize($data);
return $html;
add_filter( …