Paste into content

There are two ways to embed downloadable documents in your content:

On the one hand, by clicking the “Download” button and then selecting the appropriate folder in the dialog box that appears, or via shortcode. Inserting through the dialog will also insert shortcode into the content.

You have the option to mark a folder at the source of the download, e.g. thus: [download-from-files target="demo"], or mark a specific file e.g. thus: [download-from-files target="demo/demo.docx"]. In both cases, the plugin will check if what you have marked is a folder and behave accordingly. If the folder or file does not exist, nothing will be displayed.

In shortcode you can override all plugin parameters as follows:

target="<folder or file name>" This parameter must be present! Read the content from here.
folders="<0|1>" Do you also read subfolders? (1: yes | 0: no)
sort_folders="<set|name|date>" Sort folders. (Order set | By name | By date)
sort_files="<set|name|date|size|ext>" Sort files. (Set order | By name | By date | By size | By type)
hide_direct_url="<0|1>" Hide link in source? (0: no | 1: yes)

In addition to the above, you can optionally specify additional settings that you can reference in the template.
E.g.: class="my-class" which you can access in the template with the [CLASS] ID.